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Follow the sun ...

The Fella Mover is a two-axle, tracking system for photovoltaic systems. Based on a stable truss structure, an optimized material selection and robust electrical system, Fellamover is the ideal solution for an optimized utilization.


  • Robust and stable truss structure
  • Control based on geo-mathematical data
  • Optimised location tracking, daily calibration position
  • Horizontal and vertical alignment to the sun
  • Automatic safety position in strong winds
  • Optional remote monitoring and control function
  • Low-maintenance operation
  • Reliable control and monitoring by modern bus and network technology
  • Low dead weight through optimal material selection
  • Low transportation costs through modular design of components
  • Special formats and sizes possible
  • Module mounting with no additional mounting or structural systems
  • Quick and easy installation with or without concrete foundations
  • Staff only need to monitor


  • Worldwide
  • Recommended solar intensity: > 1000 full load hours
  • Max wind load up to 150 km/h
  • Suitable for autonomous, decentralized power generation
  • Solar parks

Technical Data:

Pitch*  Length: 10 m
   Width: 4 m
   Height (total): 5 m
Elevation:  20 – 85°
Azimuth:  > 300°
Drives:  Gear motor
Energy consumption:  15 kWh/a
Payload:  100 kg/m²
Weight:  1500 kg
Increace of power output:  up to 40 %

  * Pitch freely designable, analogue photovoltaic module size.