Manufacturing & Assembly

For you we process steel, stainless steel and special materials such as aluminum, plastic or synthetic resin bonded paper. With our machinery we are focused on processing large-dimensioned parts and offer job oriented and customer specific job shop production and small-series production. Furthermore we create distinct advantages for our customers through synergies and long-term cooperation with our partner companies as well as through own process and product innovations.

Thanks to our flexible machinery and qualified employees and with the support of our production partner A&F we cover a wide range of capabilites around the following production procedures:

Cutting & Transforming

With our machinery for cutting and transforming we are able to cut, bend and curve flats, bar stock and sheeting on demand. This high vertical range of manufacture gives us the flexibility, which is necessary to satisfy individual customer needs in a fast and straightforward way. In addition we have manifold experiences regarding the manual and mechanical straightening of parts for subsequent processes or applications.


Our experienced and qualified employees in the welding department are capable of the following welding procedures:

  • MIG/MAG welding
  • TIG welding
  • Manual metal arc welding
  • For efficienct processing of high quantities: automated welding with ABB welding robot

Thus we are able to manufacture complex welding assemblies and either directly supply them to their field of application or further process them in house. Depending on the task welding is performed only manual or with mechanical support.

On request or if there is a sensitive application we conduct additional penetrant testing or pressure tests for the welded parts.


Together with welding machining represents the heart of our production. Our comprehensive machinery enables flexible and efficient turning, milling and drilling operations with equally modern and established machines.

Thus we can process both turning parts with a diameter of up to 4 meters and parts with a length of more than 5 meters for you. In milling we focus on big and heavy parts as well, but we also have available smaller universal processing machines to reach a high vertical range of production and flexibility.

The capability to drill parts in various dimensions as well as work stations for grinding and deburring of processed parts complete our machining portfolio.

Surface treatment

In our blast and paint cabins accessible by forklift we finish parts according to your requirements. If you demand for further surface treatment, we can rely on a fully developed network of suppliers for different surface treatments such as pickling, chromium plating and zinc-coating or glass bead blasting in order to ensure your part receives the perfect surface for its final application and leaves our plant ready-to-mount.


We provide assembly capacity for parts with different dimensions. For example we have available a 20 ton heavy dute crane in our final assembly hall. Moreover also smaller parts are professionally assembled by our qualified personal and tested regarding their functionality based on customer requirements.

Balancing & Quality assurance

We possess a lot of knowledge gained over many years in balancing of voluminous rotationally symmetric parts. Depending on your requirements we offer both static balancing (manual or mechanized) and dynamic balancing with extremely precise measuring devices and latest software applications. In cooperation with you we are ready to invest our know-how in order to develop an appropriate balancing process for your part.

Along with the manufacturing process we steadily supervise the quality of the parts produced for you. In doing so we can rely on the quality consciousness and the trained eyes of our qualified employees. If required we additionally measure your parts with one of our distinctly precise Faro® metrology arms and create measurement logs or test reports according to your demand.